Small Industry -1

Coordination of reservation related works of Scheduled Caste, Tribes, and Backward Classes, establishments related to Directorate of Industry, Industries Manual, Foreign and Departmental Training Seminar etc. representation and coordination of rights under the Directorate of Industry, Program of Supplementary Industries of Industry Directorate, establishment of employees of the extra staff scheme. Allocation of budget related to income-expenditure under the Directorate of Industry.

Small Industry -2

District Industry Centre and related committees and budget, promotion and training program, loan from banks to small and rural industries, pilot project, state assistance on power, small industry bandhu and related committees/council, glass technology, national/regional small industry (star category) award. Market survey of small industries, industrial estate, government equipment cell and survey training lab, Ghaziabad, Margin Money Loan (including Tiny Sector)/Equity Loan/Management Grant, Government Ford Heat Treatment Plant, Meerut, Re-establishment of sick Small Industries and the State Level Committee, whose Chairman will be the Principal Secretary, all work based on Pradhanmantri Rozgar Yojna Tilhan, all work related to entrepreneurship development, pollution related work in small scale industries, Work about ending the Inspector Raj.

Small Industry -3

Establishment work at Secretariat level of Industry Secretary Branch, Staff Meeting, Review Meetings, work related to remaining bills of newspapers, Hindi progress related work, such reference which is related to with more than one section of Small Industry Department, settlement of ambiguous notices of court related to Small Industry Department, work related to officers/employees (related to secretariat) of Industry/Sugarcane Development Department, plan/budget coordination work, work related to Finance Commission, content collection for speech of Shri Governor/Hon’ble Finance Minister Budget Speech/Hon’ble Small Industry Minister Budget Speech, Frugality, Estate Committee, General Administration Report, AIR talks/press briefing, estimate of material for Progress Review Report and Uttar Pradesh Annuity, content collection for Independence Day/Republic Day, public accounting committee-coordination work, draft para/audit para-coordination work, secretary committee related work, public undertaking committee-coordination work, industrial policy, twenty-point program coordination, coordination work related to P.I.B., Vidhan Mandal, coordination work of Parliament related queries and other complaints, assurance, work of permanent and delayed committees, work of public audit, work of secretary committee, coordination work of references received from Public Grievance Directorate, coordination work of references received from Chief Minister Office, Monthly report to be forwarded to Prime Minister/President, visits/protocols, coordination work of Chief Minister Press Conference, employment related work in Small Industry Department for blind people, coordination work of received references from VIPs of state, coordination work on references received from Government of India and other State Government, coordination work of proceedings over meetings of MLAs/MPs.

Small Industry -4

Handicraft Industrial Estate Agra, State Handicraft Board, training to Handicraft artisans by Master Craftsmen, State Award to handicraftsmen, Central Design Centre Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh Export Corporation Ltd. Lucknow, Integrated Air Cargo Complex, all cases related to Bhadohi Industrial Development Authority, Inland Container Depot, permanent committee related to  sponsored international fairs by I.I.T.F., to participate in exhibitions/fairs in abroad countries by Export Corporation, establishment related work of export and related corporations, organisations, authorities of Industry Directorate, policy related matters concerned to exports, brass industry and leather industry related to U.N.D.P. projects, coordination work related to T.D.A./I.I.T.F. and Export Promotion Council, Scissor and Lock Industry, Cooperative Committees Standing Committee (Carpet Industry) of Carpet weavers, Institute of Corporate Technology Bhadohi, Carpet Spinning Mills, Carpet, Establishment of Drawing Carpet Washing Plant, other miscellaneous plans, Chicken Industry and related institutions, wood carving industry and related organisations, Uttar Pradesh State Leather Development and Marketing Corporation Ltd and Leather Industry related work and organisations, Uttar Pradesh State Brassware Corporation Ltd., Program of Pottery Industry, Facilities for exporters, Iron Material Scheme Moradabad, Fair and Exhibition, Uttar Pradesh Business Promotion Authority, Export Promotion Industrial Park, Gomtinagar, establishment of exhibition packages in Lucknow.

Small Industry -5

Store purchase, repairing and maintenance of Cooperative cycles, administrative uniform to government employees, supplementary industry, various complexes, property making scheme, distribution of industrial raw material, State Small Industry Corporation/National Small Industry Corporation, National Productivity Council, State Capital Production.