Promotional Activities

Uttar Pradesh Trade Promotion Authority
(Participation in National and International Trade Fairs and Exhibitions)

  • Participation in various Business Events, organising Business Events across the world to promote product units of the state.
  • To promote the event which is being organised by the authority across the country and world and enhance the technical knowledge of the entrepreneurs and to invite foreign entrepreneurs in such events.
  • Market surveys should be conducted for product export and promotion by State Industrial Units and to promote the export of products.
  • Categorization  and registration of industrial units should be done according to the activities of various industrial units of the state,  so that as per their production  of goods, they can be represented in various business events and their participation can be ensured.
  • To execute other activities and business, which should be according to the objective of authority and in favour of the industrial units.
  • Establishment of Library and information section as per the objectives of authority, which could help the entrepreneurs of state in export of other products and could help in promotion of its market.
  • Establishment of Regional Centre, as per the need, which is located in state or abroad and is necessary for fulfilling the objective of the authority.
  • To be the member of any International Institution whose objectives are as same as the objectives of the authority and pay the membership fees.