Project structure to promote industries in the state

In order to promote industries in the state, plans for payment of consultation for the project structure has been started from the financial year 2014-15 by which financial sanction of Rs.10.00 lacs was issued under financial year 2014-15 out of which a payment of Rs.3,91,446/-is made to Mr. Premprakash Bariya and Mr. Rajendra Kumar Verma by the Government for making U.P. Store Purchase Rules/ Procurement Manual for the service rendered during the period from 07.07.2014 to 30.11.2014 under which a sum of Rs.7,34,767/- and remaining Rs.2,65,533/- was made available to 13 Regional Additional / Joint Commissioner for making DPRL under Cluster Development Plan. Out of the aforesaid funds, the utilization of the Varanasi Board, Agra Board, Lucknow Board, Kanpur Board and the District Moradabad has been obtained for making DPRs.

In the financial year 2015-16 the amount of Rs.150.00 lacs under the plan has been sanctioned by the Government of Uttar Pradesh for the payment of consultants of the project structure out of which Rs.23, 75,000 / - has been allocated to total 20 Boards and 55 districts making of new D.S.R/D.P.R.

It is being proposed for the implementation of plan in upcoming Financial Year 2016-17.

Assistance Policy under Project of Aligarh Muslim University, to provide assistance to artisans of Minority Community and promote handicraft

For welfare of artisans of minority community of the society, State Government approved grant of Rs.38.88 Lakh for establishing Common Facility Center (C.F.C.) and Training-cum-Production-cum-Prasar Centre, under Aligarh Muslim University, since 1984, for the successful implementation of the program.

Through modern machines/equipment and by providing modern day training to artisans of Lock Industry, that is ongoing as Home Business in Aligarh District, improvisation has been done in the work of Common Facility Centre (C.F.C.) and Training-cum-Production-cum-Prasar Centre artisans and the working skills of these workers and artisans is also enhanced.

Name of Program Name of trade for training Number of Trainees Eligibility Validity
Project of Aligarh Muslim University for providing assistance to Artisans of Minority Community and Handicraft Promotion. Fitter-cum-wielder 28 To poor craftsmen and their children whose education is less than class 8th 2 Years
Machinist 30 2 Years

Progress of Program in last few years:-

S.No. Financial Year Progress Remark
1 Year 2012-13

58 Trainees

2 Year 2013-14

58 Trainees

3 Year 2014-15

58 Trainees

4 Year 2015-16 (till 31.12.2015)

58 Trainees


It is being proposed under the program that training should be given in the Financial Year 2016-17