Industrial Estates

Industrial Estates Program

Main objective of Industrial Estates Program is to insure the availability of Initial Installation Requirement (Land) without profit-loss cost, by Industry Department on long term easy installment for Small Industry Development. To promote industrialization, ‘Industrial Estates Program’ has been started in second five year plan. Under Industrial Estates Program, for small industry establishment, extension and modernisation, desired entrepreneurs, will be provided with land and sheds along with important installations. Under this program as per the importance of industrialization in state, Industrial estates are established and developed in rural/urban areas.

Large Industrial Estates, were established at 78 places in 56 districts in the 1960 decade, out which 987 sheds and 3648 parts of land were developed, against which 981 sheds and 3593 parts of land were allotted, out of which 2675 units are established. At present, 6 sheds and 55 parts of land are vacant. Sheds are handed over to entrepreneurs on higher purchase contract and land is handed over on 99 year lease deed. Here, there is additional facility to give first charge to the financial institutions to keep the land / shade as collateral for the entrepreneurs to get loan from the financial institutions.

To promote small, micro scale industries at Rural/Development block/Tehsil level, Mini Industrial Estates are established between 1985 to 1992. In which 175 Mini Industrial Estates are developed, and average area of Mini Industrial Estate is 2.5 acre and 7997 land of 50-200 Sq. meter are developed. As a result of the transfer of other district level programs (i.e .: Kashiram Urban Housing Program, Tehsil Bhawan, FCI Warehouse etc.), currently 7560 parts of land are developed in 161 mini industrial estates, against which at present 5892 parts of land  were allotted and lands are lying vacant, and sheds were not established at any Mini Industrial Estate.

Infrastructure facilities (road, link road, water drainage, bridges, electricity feeder and electricity line) developed in the beginning of industrial estates, are now in poor condition, and need upgradation and strengthening of estate facilities for smooth operations at units of established small entrepreneurs in the Industrial Estate.