Export Performance (Growth)

The Department of Small Scale Industries and Export Promotion of Uttar Pradesh government is responsible for formulation of policies, design of programmes, projects and schemes for promoting the growth of exports from Uttar Pradesh.

The mission of the Department is to promote the growth of exports from Uttar Pradesh, in coordination with other Departments of Union Government, Government of U.P and all other stakeholders. The Department seeks to act as a facilitator in creating an enabling environment for exports and to enhance the competitiveness of exporting units, so that these enterprises contribute to the accelerating economic growth and expansion of productive employment in the state. The Department seeks to fulfill its mission by formulating appropriate policies and designing /implementing support measures in the fields of foreign trade facilitation, technological upgradation, marketing, logistics, entrepreneurship development, development of physical & knowledge infrastructure etc. and advocating effectively for these purposes.

Department of Export Promotion, is committed to providing efficient and prompt services with transparency and courtesy to the exporters and entrepreneurs of Uttar Pradesh. Towards this, the agencies will, in the spirit of dutiful discipline, uphold the rights of individual exporters/entrepreneurs and their associations. The department will maintain the confidentiality of the personal business information disclosed to it by the parties. The department will continuously review policies, programmes and delivery systems, in consultation with stakeholders, with the aim of fulfilling its mission.