Export Promotion Services

Brief description of other programs/activities operated by Export Promotion Bureau

Registration work of Export units

Registration is necessary in bureau to avail the facilities of ongoing programs by Export Promotion Bureau. Registration process in bureau is made online. Updated 1296 units have been registered online.

Issuing of Gold/Silver Card

With the motive to provide priority to exporters in their work in various Government Departments, facility of Gold card and Silver card is made available. All units, whose annual export turnover is more than Rs.50 Lac, can avail Gold Card and those units whose annual export turnover is above Rs.20 Lac but less than Rs.50 Lac can avail the facility of Silver card. Under the program upgraded 680 gold cards and 61 silver cards has been issued.

Consultative work

For solution of problems that occur to exporters while exportation, suggestions are given, and suggestions will also be given to entrepreneurs who are interested in export sector, and settlement of grievances of exporters is also done by trilateral negotiations.

Registration of Geographical Indicators

With the help of several organisations G.I. registration process has been started after marking up the following 17 products of state for registration/patent under Ongoing Geographical Indicators as per the provisioned trips World Trade Organisation for brand promotion of main handicraft products of Uttar Pradesh.

For conserving the welfare of working artisans, producers and institutions working under proposed products as per expectations made by Registrar Trade Mark and G.I. Government of India on these applications, conserving organisation has been formed at state and circle level by government order number 1273/18-4-2012-34(विविध)/08 dated 02.07.2012 for welfare of the artisans, producers and organisations working in proposed products as per the expectations made by Registrar Trade Mark and G.I. Government of India on these applications. In this formation representatives of technical organisations, entrepreneurs, exporters are also included. Beside this, with the motive to ensure the quality of various products, product wise inspection body has been formed in which various technical organisations and rewarded handicraft artisans are included.