Entrepreneur Schemes

Modernisation/upgradation of establishment facilities of Directorate and District Industry Centres

A- Construction of District Industry Centre Buildings:-

In all 75 districts of states, District Industry Centre office has been established for the facility of entrepreneurs, but in 6 newly created districts Baghpat, J.V.Nagar, Amethi, Hapur, Amroha and Sambhal, District Industry Centre are not operated in their own building.

Appointment proposals for the construction of office buildings in two districts of Balrampur and Kasganj for the year 2014-15 were forwarded for approval, in which provision of Rs.120 Lac has been made. Out of provisioned amount, Rs.12.43 Lac has been approved in Financial year 2014-15 by government order number 397/18-2-2014-30(6)/2008, dated 18.07.2014, for completion of remaining work of office building of Gautambuddh Nagar. Against 120.00 lac, remaining amount of Rs.107.57 lac has been approved for construction of District Industry Centre Office building of district Kaushambi (35.86 Lac), Kasganj (35.86 Lac) and Balrampur (35.85 lac).

In year 2015-16, under project, remaining work of under construction buildings District Industry Centre, Santkabir Nagar, Kaushambi, Kasganj and Balrampur respectively are needed to be completed, for which provision of Rs.163.82 lac has been made through supplementary proposal, against which remaining amount of Rs.26.73 lac has been allotted for District Industrial Centre, Sant Kabir Nagar and for remaining three districts Kaushambi, Kasganj and Balrampur financial approval of Rs. 55.12, 48.08 and 33.89 Lac is under consideration respectively.

B-‍ Single Table Program on District level:-

For rapid growth in Industrial Development of State and for creating favourable environment, with the view to solve the inquiries and problems of entrepreneurs from various related departments etc. Single Table Management is being implemented and conducted by the government. Under the chairmanship of District Magistrate, meeting of District Industry Bandhu is conducted, for solving the problems of entrepreneurs and for issuing the on time approval every month under single table system. Every month expense is needed for information, postal, expense, agenda, notes, meeting minutes and context etc. for implementation of this program. This program is being operated in every district of the state.

In Financial year 2015-16, for the implementation of above mentioned program, Rs.54.00 Lac has been received from the government, whose allotment has been made in all 75 districts. Infrastructural Progress in last 03 years is as following:-

Year Total Application received Settled Application
2012-13 50246 50101
2013-14 68152 68149
2014-15 85089 84987
2015-16 (Till 31 December, 2015) 56098 55984

Working of project is proposed in Financial Year 2016-17

Entrepreneurship Development Training Program

With the view of increasing rate in unemployment of state, this program is being operated to provide employment to educated/trained and technical (skilled/unskilled) and help them to establish their own enterprise and help in creating a self-employment system.

While establishing Industrial units and their successful implementation and operation, entrepreneur should have the complete knowledge, with this point of view Entrepreneurship Development Training Program is being conducted, as per the need of the location, under which training is provided to the entrepreneurs, which help them in establishing their business. This program is conducted at district level.

Details of yearly progress of program is as below :-

Year Budget Approved (Rs. in Lac) Expense Organised Camp Number of trainees
Target Achieved Target Achieved      
2012-13 06.00 06.00 110 110 4800 4800
2013-14 06.00 06.00 96 96 4080 4080
2014-15 06.00 06.00 110 110 4800 4800
2015-16 (Till 31December, 2015) 06.00 06.00 110 50 4800 1800

In same way proposal for implementation of program for the Financial Year 2016-17 is done.